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May 08 2009

The Beginning

I finally started my blog as to avoid doing my pre-institute work.  If you don’t know from the title, I will be teaching in Philadelphia next year at the elementary school level.  The title is a reference to the Philadelphia Flyers (Philly’s NHL team).  It became their nickname in the 70s because they were a vicious team and now it will be my blog’s nickname.  I think the byline should be “taking down educational inequality one student at a time.”  Corny, I know. Can you tell I have thought long and hard about the title of this blog?  I figured I would start a blog for anyone interested in keeping up with my life and for anyone interested in joining the corps who wants to know about the experience.  I remember I read quite a few of these as I was considering applying and joining.  Hopefully I will be pretty good at updating. 

Anyways, I am graduating from Temple University next Thursday, which is exciting and scary at the same time.  I majored in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and I just finished my student teaching a week ago.  With any luck, that experience will help me at Institute this summer.  It was really sad leaving my class last week; I cried my eyes out when I got home.  Each student wrote a page to a book they gave me with their picture on it and advice for being a good teacher next year.  I got all sort of great advice from “always smile” to “tap dance on the desks in the beginning of the year”.  Apparently, this is something my cooperating teacher did in the beginning of the year, haha.  I will definitely keep these things in mind as I start teaching next year.

I guess I will give a little bit more “about me” in each post.  Back to pre-institute work… 

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  1. bakerb13

    Good luck next year! I taught in Philly for institute at Fairhill. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck as you get closer!

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